Freelander Sporrans

Made in Norway for Highlanders everywhere
Welcome to the home of Freelander Sporrans

Today’s market of sporrans offers many choices, however many of those choices fail to provide the space needed to meet the demands of the modern kilt wearer.

What we at Freelander Sporrans set out to achieve was a sporran that met all the needs of the modern casual kilt wearer while still having a traditional look.

Whether it is a hike in the woods, a day out with family, or a trip down to the pub, a Freelander Sporran will provide you with the perfect solution for carrying
today’s needed accessories and you will look good doing it.



                                             our latest Sporran. A classic returns .

                             This can be yours See the our products page.


If you want to see more you can go to the Our Products page or the Gallery. Or direct to my personal Gallery at Smugmug .




30.07.2009 - 09:41 h | in GlobalNew Sporrans

I have updated the Our Products page

26.01.2009 - 11:56 h | in Global

Added Picture of our latest Sporran

17.11.2008 - 05:41 h | in Global

I've added two new sporrans for the sum of $125 each. A real Christmas bargin.

I've also added a new brown sporran to the our products age.